" First, I want to thank you for the tremendous assistance you gave me in the pursuit of this claim. We were only able to accomplish what we did because the team of experts we assembled left our opponents with no reasonable alternative but to negotiate this settlement. It was a privilege to work with you on this matter, and I hope we'll have a chance to work together again in the future."

Drew Eckl & Farnham, LLP


For over a decade our illustrators have been creating high quality, custom hand drawn medical illustrations and video animations for attorneys across the continental US, Alaska and Canada. This level of experience has enabled us to consistently provide our clients with a superior and reliable service using the latest technology in our field. We are committed to continually providing our clients with a quality product at an affordable price.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our process.

In most cases at least one or more of the following are necessary for us to generate a free proposal and price quote.


Once all requested materials and fees are received by us our team gets to work on producing the initial custom digital exhibits. When completed, these digital PDF files are emailed to your firm and (if you choose) any expert witnesses you're working with. If expert witnesses are involved we will follow up with their offices to ensure that they agree that what we have created is a fair and accurate representation of the case facts.

Once the initial PDF files are approved by your expert(s) you can choose to have Trial FX print and mount your exhibits onto 30"x40" foamcore boards. (additional fee applies)

Or, the digital PDF exhibits may be used to compliment your settlement brochure, demand package or as a dramatic visual aid in mediation, deposition or focus groups.

The digital exhibits can also be projected or emailed to you as JPEG files for use in Power Point presentations. (Jpegs must be requested at time of order)

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While we can work with just about any deadline, a typical timeframe would be 1-3 weeks (for custom exhibit) from the time the proposal is accepted and retainer received. **Proposals for custom exhibit illustrations are provided within 1-2 days from the time the necessary records are received.  There is never a rush charge!! Call us with your specific deadline issues.


These stock exhibits can be shipped same day in most cases. Stock illustrations can be emailed or express shipped depending on availability and time of day order is placed.


Most 5-10 minute animations require at least 2 weeks to 1 month to produce. Call one of our animators to discuss your particular deadline.


Yes, while not every case requires expert review, (ie. focus groups, mediation, demand packages, etc.) Trial FX will always encourage and welcome medical expert participation at every phase of exhibit production. If you provide us with your medical experts' information we will send preliminary illustrations to them as well. Trial FX will contact your expert(s) directly and work with them until they are confident that the illustrations are a fair and accurate depiction of your client's specific condition. This service is included in the cost of the retainer.